Cranberry Thanksgiving

This lesson incorporates two of my favorite teacher things- picture books and Post-It Notes! 

The picture book this time is...

Cranberry Thanksgiving 
by Wendy and Harry Devlin 

and it is a real gem. I LOVE using "vintage" picture books with kids. This book was written in 1971- and the message in the story is just as powerful today- maybe even more so!

Have You Read This? The King's Taster

This book was brought to my attention several years ago- it was a KC3 Award Nominee (an award sponsored by The Greater Kansas City Association of School Librarians). There is a list of about 10 books each year and students in third grade read or listen to the books and then are able to vote for their favorite. As a teacher- I love discovering new authors and titles. 

The King's Taster
by Kenneth Oppel
illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

Earth Day! Book Recommendations & More

What do you do to promote conservation and the care of our environment?

A great start is to educate our students about the simple things they can start doing today to make conservation a way of life!

I want to share some ideas for teaching these concepts in your classroom- not just on Earth Day, but every day!

How I Turned My LEAST Favorite Time of the Day Around

Dismissal. My absolute least favorite time of the day. 10 minutes or so of what has the potential to become total chaos. Anyone else out there feel that way?

For years- even after tirelessly practicing our end of the day procedures- those last 10-15 minutes of the day always came with the possibility of spiraling out of control. We could have a great day... and then after going through the process of getting ready to go home I would feel beat down and in total survival mode by the time the bell rang and I got them out the door. 


Have You Read This? A Castle on Viola Street

When I was at the library the other day I happened on two "new to me" books. First I picked up A Castle on Viola Street by Dyanne DiSalvo. I was familiar with Dyanne DiSalvo's work- as her story City Green was one that I really enjoyed in our reading anthology. 

I stood in the shelves and opened A Castle on Viola Street- I was hooked after reading a letter located at the beginning of the book. This is a book with an important purpose. I tucked the book into my library bag.

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