March "Book" Madness

Any college basketball fans out there? 

We are huge sports fans in my house! My youngest daughter is an athlete and will be headed to college this fall to play softball. 

So, I love to incorporate sports-themed ideas into my classroom any chance I get. I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest and I couldn't wait to try it in my own room. 

In my previous post, I told you about my love of read aloud time in my classroom. I decided to design a "March Book Madness" board that would involve many of the books I have read to my students this year. Every child can vote and participate because they have all heard each of the books. I chose 16 books and then randomly paired them. Some of the first round choices were really hard. You should have heard the comments from my kids when I unveiled the board and they realized they would have to choose which book to vote for, they were so torn!

Each day before we vote, we do a little recap of the book (great for practicing summaries). Then we just do a show of hands to vote and I update the board. I think when we are finished, I will have the kids design a trophy and write a summary of the winning book. 

I have an idea of what might win, but there may be a "Cinderella" that might surprise us all! 

Have a great day,

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