TESTO Presto!

It's that time of year again, and aren't we all trying to find ways to make test prep a little easier? A few years ago I started creating a class "TESTO" board. 

As I review class data, I pick out the areas that we still need to work on and review. I make a list of those skills and then sketch out a Bingo board. I also think about some simple, inexpensive class rewards that the students earn each time they earn a Bingo.

Then I create the test board on chart paper. I measure it out and draft it in pencil. The first one I made, I didn't leave room to write the rewards along the side and bottom, so I had to start over! So, be sure to leave room if you choose to try this in your class. 

I try to have all of my test prep materials ready to go, so most of the time I let the kids pick which square they would like to earn that day. If there is something specific I want to cover that day, the kids know that I can make that call. Or, sometimes I give them a choice of a few and they can pick from those. I usually cover the squares they earn with a post-it note. 

In order for my students to earn the Bingo square, they have to try their best and participate. They are always very motivated to earn a "Testo" reward, so they are model students! 

The only two rewards I have on the chart that I have to purchase are gum and a class snack (I have a tub of animal crackers I use). The rest are all free. 

The nice thing about the "TESTO" board is that you can personalize it with the skills your class needs to work on and the rewards that motivate your class. 

I hope this is something you can use and have fun with, that might make test prep a little more interesting for your kiddos. 

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