Show What You Know... Let It Go!

My school district is testing late this year, so we have just kicked off our big testing theme. Teachers at my school voted and the winner was... "Show What You Know... Let It Go!" 

I always try to do a testing bulletin board in the hallway. The past few years I have had my students create "big brain" portraits (self portraits with huge heads because they are so smart) and then we would write the test taking strategies they were going to use around the outside of their pictures. I loved this project and wanted to do something similar, so...

We created "Olaf's Test Taking Tips!" 

First, we drew Olaf step by step..

After the students had outlined and colored their Olaf, we brainstormed a list of "Olaf's Test Taking Tips" together. Students then copied the list on their own snowflake paper. When they finished, they glued both their Olaf picture and their test taking tips to a sheet of 12 x 18 paper. 

I hope our cute little Olaf pictures bring a smile to your face!


  1. I don't know if you saw this video but it would go so great with your activity :-)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Please feel free to check out my blog I just started.


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