Back to School Consensograms with Graphing Practice!

We went back to school the second week of August. Boy, am I tired! Between work and moving my youngest daughter to college I am wiped out! Really looking forward to Labor Day Weekend to get my batteries recharged. 

This is the beginning of my 19th year and I can't believe I forget...
 1.) how bad my feet hurt in regular shoes after wearing flip flops all summer!
 2.) how easily I lose my voice with all of that talking!

This year I was excited to try some new activities for the beginning of the year. I have been seeing all sorts of information about consensograms (never used one in class, but I have participated in them during PD). I thought they looked fun and would be high interest for my students. It would also be a great way for my students to get to know each other better.

I decided on 4 questions- one for each school day our first week.  

Favorite Fruit...

Hot Lunch/ Cold Lunch...

Kinds of Pets...

Number of Siblings...

As I was creating my charts I started thinking this would be a great opportunity to introduce data collection and data displays.

I created a graph to go along with each consensogram. One line plot, one tally chart, one bar graph, and one pictograph. 

You can find all of the graphs here: Back to School Consensogram Graphs

My kids sure seemed to enjoy these activities! I hope they might be useful to you, as well!

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