Calendar Math Companion Journals

At my school we began using Everyday Counts Calendar Math a few years ago. I had really never used any form of calendar math before that, so it was the beginning of a learning process for me. Originally, I had really thought of calendar math as a kindergarten/first grade activity. Boy, was I wrong!

After trying to faithfully use calendar math on a daily basis, I found I was falling short. I would skip a day here and there, my daily counts and calculations would get off track, some of my kiddos were not engaged in the learning taking place ... 

So over Christmas break last year I decided I needed to do something to get the calendar math ship back on course... enter my Calendar Math Companion Journals. 

I began with January- I included the everyday components, the focus skill for the month, and then tried to wrap in those third grade skills that my students need a constant review of.

My students love having their own journal, I love being accountable to the journal and my kids- not so easy to skip a day anymore (they are sure to remind me on the rare occasion I get off track), and I love the constant review of skills. I feel like my students are now all engaged because we work through the journal together each day- I give them a minute to fill in their answer and then we check and I explain/answer any questions they have. I have the journal projected on my SMART board and it goes like clockwork. I can get calendar math time done in 15 minutes. 

If you are interested in these journals- you can find them to purchase from my Teachers Pay Teachers store here: Calendar Math Journals

What tips and tricks do you have for making calendar math time work in your classroom?

Have a great week!

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