Author's Purpose- A Fun Activity with Task Cards!

Last week we took some time to learn about Author's Purpose. My kids had some background knowledge, but needed a refresher course. We also needed to go a little deeper in understanding what it meant to persuade. We created a class anchor chart together and had a good discussion of the big 3- persuade, inform, and entertain. Of course, I used the acronym P.I.E. to help them remember. Here is the chart we created...

After our great discussion I was ready to send them off with a task.

Last year I had purchased a great set of task cards from Rachel Lynette-

(If you haven't used any of her task card sets before you are missing out- they are fantastic!)

The students group work centered around the task card set- but I used this set of cards in a little different way- they lent themselves really well to a sorting activity.

I put my students in groups of three and sent each group off with: 

*a set of the 24 task cards, a marker, scissors, glue, and a large sheet of chart paper. 

The "task" was to cut out, sort, and glue each card in the appropriate column on their P.I.E. chart.


Chart created...

Chart completed...

When each group completed their chart they raised their hand for me to come over and check. After each group was finished, we discussed any cards that the students had questions about. 

The kids were really engaged in this activity and it provided them with many opportunities to discuss and justify their thinking. 

Take care-

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