Currently January- A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! I am not usually one to get too excited over New Year's Day, but this year I was really ready to turn the page on 2014 and start fresh in 2015. We had a very rough 2014- so bring on 2015!

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently Linky Party!

Here goes...

1.) I am "currently" obsessed with HGTV. Love, love, love Fixer Upper, the Property Brothers, and all versions of House Hunters. 

2.) Boy, did I get a surprise on Christmas morning... my family- mom and dad, husband, and my two girls got me the farmhouse table I have been wanting from IKEA. Then my husband and I used a gift card my mom and uncle gave us to purchase the chairs to go with it! I love it so much!!!! Here's a pic of my pretty new table!

3.) I have really enjoyed my winter break- my youngest daughter has been home from college since December 12th- she goes back on January 6th- and my oldest daughter and her fiancé were here for five days over Christmas, so I haven't spent much time on anything school or TpT related. I have 5 projects in various states of completion sitting on my desktop staring at me each time I open my computer. I need to put them in a folder so they will stop staring!

4.) Number 3 above is the reason I need another few weeks of vacation! Maybe we will have some snow days...

5.) Ok- this one is serious- I really must drink more water. I am a diet soda-aholic. I am going to make myself drink water, water, water.

6.) *Yes- as I mentioned at the beginning of my post- 2014 was rough and because of this my husband and I have not eaten well or exercised. Too much fast food and no exercise makes you feel pretty crummy! That is a top priority for us both. 

*Maybe- my goal is to blog more. I actually really enjoy writing and love to blog, but just haven't had the time. My goal is to plan out my blog topics and make it happen this year!

*I Wish- oh how I would love to write a children's book. I have ideas swirling in my brain- I just need to start and see where it goes... 

I hope that your 2015 is off to a wonderful start!


  1. I love Ikea! Your table looks awesome and perfect for family time! I hope to blog more as well. I want to plan and schedule out posts but I always seem to get distracted! Good luck with your new goals this year! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours! Hope you have an awesome 2015!!

  2. We are HUGE fans of HGTV and DIY. I want to blog more this year, too. I have tried planning them out, even writing it out on a calendar, but then life seems to get in the way. Maybe this will be the year. Happy New Year.

  3. Your new table looks amazing! I still have never been to an IKEA store, but I am dying to go after seeing everyone's fabulous purchases on-line. Enjoy the rest of your break and Happy New Year!

    1. We just had an IKEA open nearby this fall and I am addicted! Neat stuff at a very reasonable price!

  4. I also want to write a children's book. I have ideas, but I need to start working on them.
    Artistry of Education

  5. I love HGTV and especially House Hunters International! Before we moved out of the US I used to watch it and dream of moving, lol! When we did move, we actually began the steps to apply to be on HH International, but never followed all the way through the long process. Good luck getting those projects completed!
    Island Teacher

  6. The table is a great score! I'm in love with it! It seems to be very common that we all need to refocus and get to more blogging. It's so fun to read and interact with other teacher adults!
    Heidi Neels
    Flipping For First

  7. I absolutely love your new table! What an amazing family you must have! I am also addicted to HGTV - My favorites are House Hunters and Property Brothers. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! I love both of those shows, too. On New Year's Day we watched a new one called Living Big Sky that was so good- beautiful houses in a beautiful area. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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