The Grannyman- Have You Read This Sweet Book?

I love books! Loved them as a kid, loved reading them to my own children, and I love sharing my favorites and discovering new ones with my class. My goal this year is to try to share as many of my favorites through this blog as I can. 

I have been a fan of the Skippijon Jones books for several years. I am always excited to see a new one come out- and my class loves to listen to them. Of course, they clap and chant along to the familiar parts!

When I ran across another book by Judy Schachner, I couldn't wait to read it. This is The Grannyman!

Oh, my! While Skippijon tickles the funny bone, this book tugs at your heart strings. What a warm and tender lesson your students can learn from this book!

I forgot to mention how beautiful the illustrations are, too!

Simon is a very old cat who is nearing the end of his days...  

...and then his family brings home a little kitten and gives Simon a purpose- he has to teach the kitten how to be a good cat.

My students were so in love with this book and I hope that you will read it and love it, too!

Happy Reading!

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