Our Valentine Holder Zoo!

Today we made our Valentine's Day card holders. We choose to make ours at school so that everyone has one and they are all similar in scope and size. 

The only drawback with these is that they cannot fit all the candy that kids bring with their valentines, so I give them a Ziploc or a brown paper sack to put the candy in. 

One of the reasons I LOVE this project is the creativity that it brings out in my kiddos. We all work fro the same pattern, but they are able to create an animal of their choice- SO FUN!

One of my teaching partners has been making these for years- my 19 year old made one when she was in her class in the third grade. Paige was horse crazy at that time and she made a horse. I still have it... 

Isn't it CUTE???

For this project all you need is 12X18 construction paper for the body, additional construction paper for the hearts and embellishments, and 2 tracing patterns. We have made the tracing patterns from file folders. The heart is glued on like a pocket, so it is open at the top for the cards to slide into.  

Here are the pattern shapes you need:

All that is left is a little creativity and imagination!

Here are two of the samples that I have made- the dog is my actual dog- Stringbean, and I made the squirrel because I love squirrels. (Side note- I had one of my sweet little girls ask me the other day, "Would you still like squirrels if one bit you?" I told her yes, that I wouldn't hold the actions of one squirrel against all squirrels. Then she said, "Well, what if you were attacked by, like, a hundred squirrels?" I told her I would have to get back to her on that one!)

Here are some of the valentine holders my kids made. (Sorry for the boxes, I wanted to protect their privacy.) I hang them in my room until it is party time. They look so fun hanging throughout the room. It was so sweet to hear the kids complimenting each other on their projects today.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making these! What do you do for valentine holders in your class?

Take care-

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