Big Brains! An End of the Year Project

We are rapidly coming down the stretch to the end of the year (school is out May 21st!). 

I was talking to one of my teaching partners and we were discussing a project we had done last year to remind kids of our test taking strategies- and from that conversation a new idea was hatched...

An end of the year project that would remind kids of all that they had learned this year and that was bulletin board worthy!

1.) So- the first thing we did was to create an anchor chart with kids listing many of the things that they learned this year. They had a ball taking a trip down memory lane. 

Here is our anchor chart-

2.) Next we created a self portrait. I gave them 12 x 18 white paper. The key to the pictures is to make a large head- about 2/3 to 3/4 of the paper should be the head. I told my kids they could make the portrait realistic- or they could make it more cartoonish- it was up to them. After they drew their portrait they colored them in. 

3.) The next step was to cut out the self portrait in one piece. 

4.) Then we cut the top portion of the head off- cutting straight across. Be sure to remind them that they will be writing on a piece the same size as the part they cut off- you want it to be large enough to write under. 

5.) Students will then trace the piece they cut off on another piece of white paper and cut it out. 

6.) Now it is time to glue. Students will need another sheet of 12 x 18 paper in a bright color. Students will glue down the large piece of their self portrait, and then glue the white portion of the top of their head that they traced. 

7.) You will then need to attach the top portion of the head with a brad. 

8.) Students will then list things from the anchor chart that they learned this year. 

Here are a few examples from my class...

And here is the completed bulletin board display- nice for the end of the year!

I thought they turned out really cute!

Have a happy end to the school year! 

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