Back to School- Science: The First Week of School

Back to school is an exciting time! As a teacher, I am always ready to jump right in and get started! Of course, it is so important to take the time to establish routines and procedures and those things tend to fill up a majority of my time the first few weeks. 

So... as a way to kind of merge the routines and procedures and get into the meat of things, I like to set up our Science Notebooks. I started using Science Notebooks several years ago and my kiddos love having  an artifact that shows their learning and what we have done during the course of the year.

To start off the year I like to read a book about science. I LOVE to read the fiction story:
The Science Project that (ALMOST) Ate the School by Judy Sierra

It is a fun book that really holds my kiddos attention and the illustrations are GREAT!

After reading, we create an anchor chart where we brainstorm the word "SCIENTIST". 
The kids will use this chart as inspiration to create a cover for their Science Notebooks. The covers are always so creative and fun!

This year I have created a week's worth of Back to School Science Notebook pages- it is available in my TpT store and it includes:

* cover template for their notebook
*Scientists Can... Scientists Use... interactive notebook page
*The Scientific Process interactive notebook page
*Types of Scientists interactive notebook page
*Science Tools interactive notebook page
*Science Safety interactive notebook page

Thanks for reading! 

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