Blog Hoppin'- Teacher Week! 5 Fun Things

I am excited to participating in my first ever Teacher Week sponsored by Blog Hoppin'!

Today's topic is 5 FUN Things!

So... here goes!

1.) I am a tv addict! I have the television on all the time- even if I am reading or doing other things. And I think the DVR is one of the best things ever invented!!! I love Food Network and HGTV. A few of my favorite shows are NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Nashville, and The Good Wife. 

2.) I am also an avid reader! I love to read and the library is one of my favorite places to visit. I occasionally read books on my iPad, but my preference will always be to hold the real thing in my hands and turn the pages myself!

3.) My husband and I are empty nesters. We have a daughter that is 26 who works for Disney and a 19 year old daughter that is in college. She plays softball and we enjoy watching her play all spring.

4.) I was never a pet person growing up. In 2010, I let my youngest daughter talk me into getting a puppy. We now have 4 dogs (all rescues) and they are the center of our life! I just can't believe how different all of their personalities are! 

5.) I love to cook and bake! My family are great sports and will try anything that I fix! 


  1. AHH! Your fuzzy babies are so, so precious! :)

  2. Nashville!!!!!!!! I love Nashville and I can't wait for it to come back!! Your little pups are so stinkin' cute!

  3. Your dogs are adorable! I love real books too but I have become a Kindle convert recently!


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