Teacher Tip- Behavior Management: The Class Restroom Break!

A necessary part of the school day for most teachers is the class restroom break. In my school our principal encouraged us to go to the restroom as a class to minimize the number of students out roaming the halls. 
In my class, the kiddos had 4 scheduled opportunities to use the restroom. And as we all know, behavior management can be a challenge while the kids are sitting idly while waiting for their turn. 

Several years ago I started having my students take a book to read while waiting in line. I can't tell you the difference it made!!! The kids sit so quietly, engrossed in their books while waiting.

Here's how it worked: 
1.) when I call them to line up for the restroom, they grab their book from their book bin on the way to line (in my class the kids have assigned line spots)

2.) when we get to the restroom, the kids sit down in their line and begin reading their book

3.) I call students a few at a time to use the restroom and when they get up, they put their book in their line space to hold their spot (the line does not move up after they are seated)

Sometimes I have to call a student's name twice because they are so involved in their book that they don't hear me the first time- but that's a GOOD problem to have!

Not only does this help tremendously with talking in line while they wait for their turn, but I feel so good that those minutes waiting aren't wasted! 

If you try this behavior management strategy, let me know what you think!

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