Cranberry Thanksgiving Read Aloud

This lesson incorporates two of my favorite teacher things- picture books and Post-It Notes! 

The picture book this time is...

Cranberry Thanksgiving 
by Wendy and Harry Devlin 

and it is a real gem. I LOVE using "vintage" picture books with kids. This book was written in 1971- and the message in the story is just as powerful today- maybe even more so!

This book lends itself well to a whole list of reading skills- but I decided to pull a few out to really focus on...
*determining the central message, or lesson, in the text
*describing characters in a story (their traits, motivations, and feelings)

There is also a great example of a simile (page 1), the importance of the setting in the story, making predictions... 

Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes I get lost in the storytelling of a book when I am doing a read aloud. Sometimes I have questions I know I want to ask, but I get carried away in the moment and I forget. And then 20 minutes later I will remember something I meant to point out or a question I wanted to ask... long after the fact. It happens- but I have got you covered on this read aloud! 

I have designed a set of read aloud Post-Its for you to print and stick in the book to help you remember where to stop and question. 

If you haven't ever printed on Post-ITs before you will love it! They look so nice and are so easy to use. (Kids also love to write on Post-Its that you have printed on- they are intrigued by the idea of printing on a Post-It note!)

*One tip I want to share with you about printing on Post-Its- mark your copy paper when you put it into the printer tray to print the Post-It template so you will know how to feed it into the printer when you have placed the Post-It Notes on top.*

Grab your story question

I also have a FREE set of anchor chart components that you can grab from my TpT store if you are interested...

And I also have a set of Cranberry Thanksgiving activities (including a cute Mr. Whiskers craft project) available for purchase...

I love Cranberry Thanksgiving and hope that you will read it to your class and they will love it just as much! 

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!

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