Pumpkin Jack

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year (well maybe it is tied with winter) but anyway... today I want to share a great fall/Halloween book with you! 

Have you read Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell? This book was published in 2000- but is new to me. There are so many things I love about this book- the illustrations, the descriptive language, the science included in the book, but best of all is the sweet story.

The main character in this story is Tim, a little boy who has carved a jack-o-lantern and named him Jack. The story follows Jack throughout the next year. 

This book would work well during a life cycles study, but also during the fall season. I have created a FREE book companion for you to use with this story if you would like! You can grab the freebie here:

I hope this is something you will find valuable and can use with your class! 

If you are looking for any additional fall/Halloween resources you might want to check these easy prep activities out! 


Happy Fall! 

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